• Ethylene inhibitor (anti-senescent)
  • Prevents microbial infections
  • Promotes biocidal activity
  • Improves water uptake
  • Prevents premature leaf yellowing
  • Maintains petal colour longer

About Virosil Floracare

Virosil Floracare is an eco-friendly and non-toxic complex formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) stabilized with Silver in cationic from). When combined the complex gives an excellent synergy in its biocidal activity and performance. The silver present in the formulation an excellent anti-senescent agent by virtue of its anti-ethylene activity.

Virosil Floracare is a patented formulation manufactured in India in technical collaboration with Sanosil AG of Switzerland. The formulation has been extensively tested and researched in Israel, France and by the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) and certified as non-toxic.

Virosil Floracare in Pre-Harvest

Pre-Harvest Prophylactic Spray with Ethylene Inhibition for Better Plant Growth and Yield.


Ethylene (C2H2) Inhibition

Virosil Floracare inhibits ethylene action, which delays the senescence or ageing in plants

Prophylactic Action

Virosil Floracare controls major bacterial and fungal diseases. It increases the plants resistance to diseases.

Productivity Increase

By clearing the blockage in the vascular system of plants, Virosil Floracare increases the uptake of water and nutrients.

Promotion of Balanced Growth

Virosil Floracare prevents bud dropping by inhibiting excessive ethylene levels in the atmosphere, thus preventing abscission of the leaves and buds.

Vascular Plugging

Virosil Floracare prevents vascular plugging caused by micro-organismsand maintains the water uptake by which the flowers remain fresh for longer periods of time

Ethylene (C2H2) Inhibition.

VirosilFloracare prevents premature withering by suppressing ethylene action in the post-harvest phase thus increasing the vase life of cut flowers.

Anti-Senescence Properties

Virosil Floracare delays the cell degradation in flowers which results in longer colour retention of the petals.

Biocidal Activity

VirosilFloracare prevents post-harvest fungal diseases such as Botrytis rot, etc.

Areas of Use

  1. Pulsing of cut flowers
  2. Disinfection of cold storage and shipping containers
  3. Effective on all ethylene sensitive flowers like Rose, Carnations, Gerberas, Orchids, Anthuriums,
  4. Gypsophilia, Bouvardia and Chrysanthemums